Backstroke of the West


Hey, it’s February! Would you look at that? As the site is off to a reskinned start, I too have tried to learn the way of the snake, but all I came up with were poor Metal Gear Solid jokes so… no wait, there was that one really bad joke in Part 7 of JoJo as well, but you’ve all read that so I don’t need to quote it. As I don’t really know how to handle this writing tool at the moment, I’ll keep this one short. Game recommendation of the month (oh, yes, I did not forget!): Final Fantasy IX (it’s really good, guys, and it’s most likely coming out on Steam this month so do check it out if you’re into this stuff). Anyways, have a fun and hopefully not rainy February (no, really, what’s been up with the weather these last X years? Oh, well, less money spent on heating up buildings, I guess).

-the reskinned blog-writer



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