The red flow


Life is the painful substance that shoots forth from one’s crevice, with the occasional golden nugget (like this month’s post, am I right?). March, I find you to be a lot more April than usual this year. It’s fine, we have all been there. JoJo in ten. Excitement building. Crouching Moomin, Hidden Twix. Going to Germany, going to the UK. Life takes you places. This post is falling apart, I’d better flush. This month’s game recommendation (memory going strong!): Deus Ex. I chose that game because I like it.

Regurgitate, eat, repeat. We’ve got a beat. Yo! I’m done! Stay strong out there, my brothers!
-The either just not motivated enough or just crazy blog poster



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"HTSF Nioh ➤ S15 | P1: via @YouTube"
"@SolrFlare Haha, holy shit! I ain't seen ultra thin-legged Megatron in decades! Swoop, Slag and Grimlock too! 👍🏻👍🏻"
"HTSF Nioh ➤ S14 | P3: via @YouTube"
"HTSF Nioh ➤ S14 | P2: via @YouTube"
"@MacTemp Aye, called 'Grim Company'. Not sure how all the guild stuff works and there's only me in it atm lol, but folk're free to join."